Dear Wedding Professionals: Last week, many of you watched my free video and learned 15 Tips for Writing Facebook & Twitter Messages that REALLY Sell. That was a sneak preview video of a social media course, which will be available for purchase next week from 11/14-11/21. The course is called: Get Your Social Media Black Belt – Attract Brides on Facebook & Twitter in Just 15 Minutes a Day. The full course will teach you exactly what to do on Facebook & Twitter to grow your wedding business. You’ll learn things like:

In the meantime, here’s ANOTHER free sneak peak video to show you what’s to come! In this free video, you’ll learn:

My Credentials: As the creator and founder of, I’ve spent the past two and a half years cultivating this online wedding community. I have also been blogging to you to share my 12+ years of marketing experience. And if you haven’t noticed, my absolute favorite marketing topic is social media. I love being able to share all of my success stories and learnings. Just a few of those personal success stories have been:


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