Top 5 Facebook Marketing Best Practices for your Business



Facebook is a rapidly growing medium, and businesses are beginning to take advantage of the marketing potential inherent in social media platforms. Facebook marketing for your business can be very effective, when done right!

An analysis of Facebook statistics demonstrate interesting user trends, and provide a foundation upon which to implement Facebook marketing initiatives, and maximize on return on investment, see how you can optimize facebook ads to bring roofing leads.


Follow these best practices to ensure you gain the most out of Facebook marketing for your business:

Follow these best practices to ensure you gain the most out of Facebook marketing for your business:Follow these best practices to ensure you gain the most out of Facebook marketing for your business:Follow these best practices to ensure you gain the most out of Facebook marketing for your business:

  1. Call-to-Action: Include a Call-to-Action in Facebook posts/updates and invite your target audience to engage, comment, like or link to your content. Increased social engagement will not only help develop your social reach and online credibility, but also improve your search engine result ranking.
  2. Image: Include a photo with your post/update and increase the likelihood of social engagement (likes, comments, links, etc). Stick to short posts and updates of 80-100 characters in length.
  3. Engaging Content: Write about timely topics that are of interest to your target audience. Ensure that Facebook posts/updates occur consistently throughout the month, and provide fresh, original, relevant and engaging content that readers will engage with and share with their own social networks.Use an active voice in your Facebook posts/updates, and either a positive or negative tone to trigger engagement with your audience. Be original, strike a chord with your audience, and elicit engagement.
  4. Timing: Morning posts/updates gain more social engagement than posts made later in the day. Peek Facebook activity occurs early in the morning, at noon, in the evenings and on weekends (ie: off-work hours). Facebook posts made at 9am gain the most social traction throughout the day, compared to posts made in the afternoon.Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday are the most active days on Facebook, for sharing information. Most B2B and B2C marketing occurs during the week, and it is important to note that weekend posts might be more effective!
  5. Frequency: Facebook updates and posts should be scheduled once every other day. This frequency (and consistency) enables updates/posts to remain visible in the Facebook ‘news feed’ at optimal times of day (and is not too frequent to be bothersome to your audience).
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Have a look at some Facebook Statistics, and draw your own conclusions:


Most (40%) Facebook ‘shares’ occur on Saturday (followed by Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday). Posting updates on Saturdays ensures optimal reach because of increased user engagement, and less competing social clutter.

Most Facebook shares occur before work hours (starting at 8am), peeks at noon (11-12pm), and again at 6-8pm; times when individuals have the ability to access their social networks, at their leisure. Articles posted at 9am tend to be shared more on Facebook than articles published at any other time.

Photos perform the best on Facebook, and receive on average more shares, likes and comments. There are notable differences in the performance of text and video comments.

Posts that are either very short (80-100 characters) or very long (780-800 characters) receive the most likes on Facebook.

Posts written in a neutral voice/tone receive fewer Facebook ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ than posts that are either very positive or very negative.

Readers are attracted to the extremes, and are more likely to engage and comment.
(based on data by Dan Zarrella and Hubspot)



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