I’m Karriann Graf, your Social Media Trailblazer. I’m here to guide your business or corporation from your lost island of Social Media Confusion to a new, peaceful place where you’ll find Followers, Fans and ultimate reward in the world of social media management.

We all know that technology is moving faster than any mapmaker can keep up with, and Social Media’s addition to the scene has resulted in a convoluted and mysterious “treasure map” of clues to your Internet success. You’re looking for MapQuest step-by-step directions and, instead, you feel like you’re out there on your own with nothing but a canteen and a piece of map parchment that tells you to take 12 steps and look to your left for your next clue.

It’s not surprising that when I talk to people about social media, they feel lost, overwhelmed and, well, a little disheveled. Then comes the barrage of questions:

“What is Social Media marketing? How do I use social media in my business? What’s a great social media strategy? What should I be using? Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, something else? How do I use them? Are these TRULY valuable tools for my business? How can I juggle social media and still get my work done, and balance it all with my personal life?”

This is where I come in. I’m your Social Media Trailblazer, Pathfinder and Camp Counselor all in one. For over 2 solid years now, I’ve done nothing but familiarize myself with the lay of this Social Media land, and hundreds of clients will tell you that I know this land like the back of my hand.

… while showing you how to fully integrate Social Media’s primary functions into your business plan. You’re going to find that, once you have a good Trailblazer at your…


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