Social networking is the latest craze in marketing, and the highly popular (and FREE) popular social networks offer terrific ways to promote virtually any product, artist, or service under the sun. The problem all ambitious marketers run into – regardless of the promotion – is the time commitment required to keep all your fans updated.

Most everyone I know has some ambition or desire to sell either themselves, their businesses, or some other product online. Does this describe you? More often than not, people get all excited about online marketing and fail in one of the common ways:

Perhaps you’ve tried social network marketing. Maybe you’ve tried one (or all) of the major social networks. Are you getting the result you’d hoped for? Are you spending hours maintaining your web pages and answering the same tired questions from customers, fans, and clients over and over again? Why? Getting online was supposed to increase your sales and reduce your headaches, wasn’t it? I bet it hasn’t worked out that way for you, has it? Why do you suppose that is?

If you’re struggling to keep up with the competition you need to come up with an action plan to save time that doesn’t involve spending thousands of dollars hiring a team of writers and coders to make up your websites and keep your content up to date.

Your social networking content management will never be the same after you read The Social Networking Business Plan with Onefineham. In the $27 ebook (requires Adobe Reader) you will find a WYSIWIG three step process to create your own automated social networking content distribution system.

In the quickly downloadable eBook you will learn the most important aspects of getting the widest distribution of your content to your social networking followers with the least amount of…


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