Kudos to you for putting this awesome package together, it’s absolutely AMAZING and saves SO much time.

Without knowing exactly what I needed to break free from the contraints of plastering houses nearly every day, FB Ignition is just what the doctor ordered, and more! It certainly ticks (checks) all the O’ the boxes.

After configuring and installing the business theme, it didn’t take very long time (within 24 hours) to begin work for my first client. That was a couple of days ago and now word of mouth is starting to kick-in.

If you’ve been racking your brain, trying to find a legitimate way to Make Money Online, you’ve come to the right place!.

In a minute I’m going to show you EXACTLY how I make a whole bunch of money, with a little site called Facebook, …and how you can too!

I spent 6 months setting up Adsense Sites … and earned a total of $1.83 (not the best use of my time)

I set up some PPC campaigns, sent them to CPA offers, and made $325! (Unfortunately I spent $473 on the PPC ads for a net loss of $148)

I wrote a ton of articles and was ranking for some pretty good keywords. (Then Google changed it’s algorithm and my rankings went away overnight)

I built a list of 3k with Ad Swaps. (Unfortunately, the swaps burnt out the list, and I was only getting a 2% – 3% Open Rate)

This is easily worth 10x the price… and I could speak to Martin’s customer service… TOP Quality!!!

This raises the bar here at the Forum… Congrats to you Martin and Congrats to anyone who picks this up… What a deal!!!

You forward the emails to your workers who take care of everything while you enjoy a leisurely breakfast …

I picked this up on Friday…


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