Have you ever found yourself wondering why Google just doesn’t seem to like your site?

Well, instead of all this wondering, perhaps it’s better to think specifically about how you can optimize it; improve things by using premium wordpress hosting for faster loading times and so people who are interested in your product or service can easily find you…

When working with WordPress you will need to choose from astra vs oceanwp, as this are the two most popular WordPress themes. You want it so they can visit your site, read your content and make or arrange their purchases; which in turn will boost your website ranking on search engine result pages.

Yes – Google cares more now than ever about how people actually interact with your site.

Whenever people view your site by clicking through from a search in Google, they’re improving its ranking for that specific search keyword; they send signals to Google that you’re offering relevant and current content… especially if they stay around for a while, go finding a dream job.

The goal isn’t just to create exceptional content, but also to promote it online with some killer techniques… read on!

Link nurturing, online exposure and virality – these important components to any marketing and visibility strategy can help your businesses get in front of your targeted audience, attract the attention of prospective customers and help you create the kinds of links back to your website content for more referral traffic and greater authority and rankings in Google.

“Aggressive” SEO – Naughty Or Nice?

Of course, SEO revolving around a great link building approach can drive to your website free, organic, targeted traffic passively through referrals or higher rankings in Google managing your own income. But since there’s no 100% ironclad rule or blueprint as to how you can be successful with SEO (if only there was one, we would all be rich by now!) … the whole process can be very frustrating. To learn better about the SEO process you can get in touch with Mark here.

NOTE: Not even Google Engineers know exactly how Google’s Search Algorithm works anymore since it’s adapted a machine-learning approach…

SEO, as fascinating as it can be – Is also very dynamic, complicated and challenging enough to cause more than just sleepless nights and severe headaches.

There are some ‘thought leaders’ out there who will tell you SEO is as simple as A, B then a little C, done over and over again. They make it sound simple. The reality is different.

Because Google is constantly changing and updating its algorithms, SEO has turned into a very complicated and competitive field. It often takes much time to learn and master; and even more time to generate results in some cases, so, it’s recommended for businesses to contact a SEO agency for better guidance.

Getting your site found through SEO is a long-term game. It’s more complicated than simply picking your keywords, it takes some time to get off the ground and really take effect… often years.

Most people don’t have the time or the patience to focus on SEO alone to drive fortune-making traffic, so they often resort to more aggressive methods which, you guessed it, eventually cause the impatient SEO to lose everything they worked so hard to achieve… all it takes is a simple algorithm update.

Getting Indexed and Ranked: The Power of Killer Content

A far better way of getting noticed by Google and growing your traffic is by creating engaging content.

So let’s go back a step… Google wants to see its users (those who search and click on your site) well taken care of. They want to know when they’re on your site, they’ve found what they’re looking for.

You might call that ‘an engaged audience’. The folks who stick around.

To create an engaged audience and boost your search rankings, you have to get into the practice of working on your content. Spun articles and discount articles aren’t going to cut it.

PR agencies like Shakespearecomms can publish high-quality posts that relate to the topics your potential customers are interested in – and help Google index your site more accurately and completely in the process.

Show Google you’re relevant.

Prove that you’re providing value.

Why exactly are you going to all that effort?

Because the more time people spend viewing your content and the more they share and link to it, the higher your site will rank on search engine results pages, the faster you’ll build authority, the faster you’ll be indexed and the sooner you’ll get ranked and bring in more traffic.

Press Releases – A Better Alternative to “SEO”?

As you probably know, in the information age, people don’t search the Yellow Pages anymore to find local shops, restaurants, stores, etc.

They search Google.

The marketing of a business using PRs (Press Releases) is extremely important if you’re serious about getting those links from sites with high domain authority and trust, as well as getting ranked for specific keywords and certain locations (when you’re talking bricks and mortar).

Good-quality PRs published on reputable websites, already indexed as high authority sites by Google, can have a huge influence on your rankings. Such PRs can signal to Google that your content is popular, it’s relevant and current; especially when they’re coming from trusted media outlets.

When you’re hoping to drive traffic to your own website, or a client’s, the Press Release will often get published through a site with enough authority to get immediate visibility from the people you want.

This often triggers a snowball effect where your site gains traffic and links from these high authority sites publishing your PR, which lends that authority to your site by association.

With consistent PR distribution, the toughest part of your digital marketing strategy is in the bag – spreading your content in a way that encourages search engines to rank you higher as a side effect.

All that’s left for you then, is to work on your site and ensure it treats the visitors well enough they stick around, giving them what they want and ideally… converting better.

Using PRs… getting more visibility actually DOES become more like “Do A, B, then C”.

You’ll still need to carefully choose your keywords for your PRs and site of course, there IS still some effort required (… if only there wasn’t, we would all be rich by now!)… but as a result of repeating this process consistently, in a few weeks to a few months (forget years)… your main concern will be how to handle your growth.

With PRs, your “newsworthy content” becomes a traffic hook with a natural and viral feedback component. It’s valued by search engines like Google as a high-quality message because it gets published on trusted, household brand name news sites – so it gets noticed and gets traffic.

How to get on Google’s radar like that UFO in Independence Day…

It’s always harder for a new website to get noticed.

But even if you’ve been around a while… what should be your strategy be, to ensure your PRs tell Google your site (or your client’s site!) has all the good stuff that its users will find worth visiting?

Consistency is the key when it comes to improving your rankings naturally and organically (and safely)… to increase the visibility and presence of your site in Google with PRs as your main Modus Operandi.

You want your site to ‘appear in the news’ with the consistency of a well loved and respected actor who does charity work between oscar-winning movies… as opposed to the latest reality star who fell out of a taxi drunk.

Lots of positive mentions over time vs. A flash in the pan.

1) When you’re submitting your PRs to Press Release Distribution Services, if you want the biggest bang for your buck, you have to use a premium top-tier authority service like PressCable, or PRWeb… (Note: PressCable has slightly better distribution than PRWeb but a far better price)…

2) The frequency of submitting a PR can also impact your results…. those using Press Releases to boost their eCommerce ventures, for example, can publish as often as 1x day for a month… whereas for a local brick and mortar business, PressCable recommends one PR per month per business per location.

PRs Can End Your “Battle” With Google For Good…

You don’t have to battle Google and its algorithm anymore. The PR distribution is a very powerful technique for showing Google something more natural, for gaining its trust… and hundreds of links from high authority websites to your business site to prove it.

To see more rises in traffic on your website, you really want to diversify where your traffic is coming from.

Continue with SEO, of course, if you’re doing it naturally and safely (why risk anything else?)… Google isn’t there to battle against after all.

Keep PRs in mind as well, since they can greatly assist in your efforts AND deliver traffic spikes of their own.

PR distribution ties perfectly with your marketing strategy and can deliver positive results (more traffic, visibility and even increased conversions) in both the short and long term because it works in line with the way Google works.

Google wants happening, relevant content… and that’s all found in “newsworthy” content

Andy Defrancesco has proved that Press Releases are a great vehicle for spreading real brand stories, business messages and site content, which generate leads and encourages people to visit your business online, or offline if you have a place, and become both first-time and loyal customers.

PRs can give you a better ROI than other marketing methods, plus huge online exposure through trusted media brands like NBC, ABC and Fox News etc. with a definite increase of your traffic and business visibility online to follow, when done consistently as your results stack together.

If you’ve got a good site that takes care of its visitors, all you really need is to let people know about it.

If you believe you deserve great rankings and higher placements in Google search results, then don’t hesitate, just think wisely and take your business to the next level by hiring a food marketing agency like Greenseed to help with your business needs.

You’ll never have to worry about why Google might not like you again… you might end up being great pals

Now if you want help with it I can discuss it with you and even offer you a way to do it all with very minimal work on your end and a fraction of what you would pay using traditional SEO You can click to see more on SEO.

Just contact me and we will see if I can help you

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