AugustWind asked:

I have a client whom I have recommended they have a social bookmarking service created as a tool to encourage natural linking. 

My idea is to create an integrated social bookmarking service service that would be at the root of their domain name. This way when we have widgets displayed on other people’s sites, my client’s site would earn the link back.

Now considering that the bookmarking section would be at the root of the domain how successful would it be if I recommend getting a domain name and have that redirected to the bookmarking section? Would this tactic cause any SEO damage?
Adam, I agree that the market is saturated for bookmarking sites, but they are ‘general. When people need to find sites for trendy women, they go to, developer links? DZone, and the list goes on. For that reason, I need a niche one for my clients.

Karen Smith


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