Charlie asks…

What are SEO tips for getting a website ranked?

I’ve got a new website and I am promoting it the same normal way I always do which works.. eventually. I’m just curious what SEO tips (your best please) you have that I may not be aware of to get a website ranked high in the SERPs?

Eric answers:

Backlinks, backlinks, backlinks! Lol. These are a +1 vote to your site/URL for every link you have which means Google thinks your link is worth more.

Of course you want fresh, newly updated content. Google loves new content and even has a specific search for it. Add content as often as possible!

Submit your content to bookmarking sites but you probably already know this since you are a seasoned Webmaster/SEOer.

Deep Linking is critical. Most webmasters don’t get this but naturally a website gets deep links to the URLs of content, not to the homepage. You need to make linkbacks to the content in your site.

SEO Friendly URLs are critical to high ranking.

You need the keywords/phrases in your title in order to rank high. Make sure they are part of your title!

Helena asks…

Seeking best SEO tips to get indexed on search engines?

Hello friends:
I have been using a lot of methods to advertise my sites including social bookmarking sites, web directory, article directory, etc.
My websites are indexed good for some keywords for some days. But these keywords are not indexed at all for some days. I don’t know what causes this.
Is there any good SeO tips to get my sites indexed permanently for some keywords?
thanks very much!

Eric answers:

Follow other website link

Elizabeth asks…

Where to find the good SEO tips (Off Page optimization) in the internet?

Hi I am looking for best SEO tips for Off page optimization.

Eric answers:

A good blog that helped me get started was

Its a great place to start

Ken asks…

Need SEO tips on my newly launched website?

I just launched I want to start SEO work on this site. Can you give me tips on what I need to do from a SEO perspective to make this site show up on Google’s first page for the keywords Calling Cards or Record Calls?

Eric answers:

SEO is a pretty in depth subject.

A few basic tips though. First off you want to find out which key words to target. I could only imagine the competition you`ll have ranking for the key words you have specified.

If that is a WordPress site you have used, you can install the plugin “All-In-One SEO“ as well.

Stick with a simple site – anything with Flash or javascript is difficult for the search engines `spiders`to find your keywords.

Google likes fresh new content – make sure you ping your site every time you make an update. This can be done at Your current site should have more info about calling cards – search engines like to make sure that the site is relevant to the keyword.

This is really only scratching the surface. Google and Yahoo (the search engine titans) both have different criteria in what they look for when ranking a site higher AND lower.

Nancy asks…

Best Tools and Tips of SEO for getting the site on rank first in all search engines?

I am a php developer not seo expert but i want to know more about seo tips so that i can also get the rank higher of my sites in all the search engine if any one know the seo tips and tools for making it’s rank higher within a week then please tell me…

Eric answers:

Hi, I’m glad you’ve asked this one.
Coz there are many out there who think that they can SEO tool and come to the 1st page of Google results page.
First, a reality check, there is NO tool to get you to the top. If it were true, everyone would be on the first page, not 2nd and 3rd pages.
There are a range of things you would need to do well in order to get your page well optimized.
You may get good help from pages like
The real trick is to do the manual and easy to manage things using automation tools like:
and do the more difficult tasks yourself.
That’s smart-work

Hope this helped!

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