Caroline asks…

what is the most effective autoresponder out there!!???

Im looking around and I see both autoresponder software and websites online that offer the service. What works for you!!!??

Eric answers:

I like aweber. It is easy to use and a reliable service. I not only collect leads with my autoresponder, but I publish free reports in autoresponder format..

Davina asks…

I use an autoresponder, but a days ago doesn´t work. An advise appear: “Your SMTP setting seem to be incorrect

I made maintenance to my computer.I changed place all importants fills, clean all spyware and adware and installed windows again. This could to cause problems the autoresponder software?

Eric answers:

Installing new Windows will (in most cases) require you to install all other software again.
So, you need to install this software again over the old version.


John asks…

I want a SMS autoresponder?

Can anyone give me the address of a good website or software that give free SMS autoresponder service that works worldwide.

Eric answers:

Oh yes , do not you also want millions of phone numbers as an added gift
so that you can send millions of spam SMS every day that too free of cost

Jane asks…

Need a free, simple, autoresponder that will work with forms?

Here’s what I am looking to do:

I want to collect names and e-mail addresses on my web site so people can sign up for me e-newsletter.

I just want people to fill in a name field, an e-mail field, and click submit. Then, I want the emails sent to me and the user gets forwarded to the next page of the site.

I’m looking for software that’s free, easy to use (for someone like me with very basic, static html knowledge), and does not have advertising on it.

THANK YOU for any help.

Eric answers:

Http:// just one of many.
Read the instructions.

Kylee asks…

I installed Autoresponder Unlimited. Why can’t I get the 2nd and 3rd emails to go out?

Someone please help me. I cannot get “Autoresponder Unlimited to work properly. It was given to me and I cannot get tech support for it. Can someone please help me with the installation. I dont have money but I really need help or please tell me the script is worthless. I am so frustrated. Thanks for any help. or comments. on this software.

Eric answers:

Unfortunately, you got what you paid for. The script must be defective. Sorry….

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