This short, “no fluff” article will give you a clear concise roadmap to creating a successful webinar.

Firstly, your webinar should solve a problem for your audience. You should have a really good idea of what your audience struggles with and what are some of their biggest pain points. Brainstorm your webinar topic ideas keeping these in mind.


Now as far as the structure of the webinar, start by welcoming people who are showing up live and creating engagement and excitement by asking where they are joining from.

Make sure your audience knows they are in the right place. Tell them who the webinar is for and who it is most likely NOT for.

Give them a reason to stay till the end by teasing with a bonus they get only if they stay on the webinar with you.

Set the agenda for the webinar and tell them exactly what they are going to get. I also recommend saying upfront that after the teaching, you’ll give them an opportunity to work with you and accelerate your process so they know what to expect. Also, by doing this, you stay in integrity and teach with confidence.

Introduce yourself and tell your story. Make it brief and relevant. Talk about parts your audience can relate to. Build in some social proof but don’t dwell on it too long.

Give them the content you promised. Don’t feel like you have to give away a kitchen sink. Another helpful thing to keep in mind is to think of your webinar as the what and the why and your paid offerings as the how. Your job on the webinar is to bring clarity around your audience’s struggles and challenges, and give them a few actionable steps to see results. It doesn’t have to be everything you know on the topic because nobody expects that.

Also, keep your topic really specific. Refrain from making it an all-encompassing webinar that talks about the bigger picture. Tackle one issue and talk about that. By focusing on one element of a broad issue, your topic will turn into a hook that draws people in because they will be enticed by its specificity.

Even more important, what you share during your presentation must lead your target audience to believe that they can achieve their specific goals or dreams as a result of what you’re sharing with them.

It’s also important to remember that great presentations are not filled with facts and figures. Instead, they unfold like epic stories – with colorful characters, conflict, drama, humor and the promise of a happy ending.

Your free content must naturally LEAD into your PAID OFFERING. For people who have stayed with you, the next logical step should be to invest with you.

Transition smoothly into your pitch. Talk about your paid offering and say exactly what they are going to get. Now, don’t be tempted to rush through this process. People who are really interested in investing with you will want to know all the details and will likely have questions. People who have no interest in buying will drop off or already have at this point. Also remember, the better you do with your educational content, the more confident you’ll feel pitching. Giving away that content for free earns you the right to pitch.

Share case studies that are relevant to your audience and results that they can see themselves achieve.

Stay on to answer questions as long as you want but be respectful to other people’s time and let them know it is completely okay for them to leave early.


Now that covers the presentation but there are two more very important factors you need to consider if you want to have a successful webinar:


Platform = Webinar Software

Platform is all about how and where you run your webinar from, along with the methods you use to get people to attend.

Remember, you want an easy, simple and effective platform to deliver your webinar from. The more complex or cumbersome it is for someone to log on and attend, the less likely he or she will be to make it.

No matter how you build it, your platform is critical when it comes to generating attention and buzz for your online presentation or webinar so choose wisely.


The next one is as important as the prior 2 factors we just covered and that’s your audience.

People = The Right Ones vs. The Wrong Ones

People, of course, is the biggest variable in creating a webinar that works.

Without the right people on your webinar, all is lost.

Just like with marketing on LinkedIn, the riches are in the niches when it comes to webinars. You must focus on defining your target audience.

Don’t try to be everything to everyone. Instead, focus on the niche audience or group you can best serve and who would most benefit from your product or service.

Next, knowing how to find, engage and invite the right people to your webinar is one of the most important methods you must master.

There are several ways to go about this, including social media channels, email marketing, paid advertising, guest blogging, podcasting and more.

The benefit of building a solid brand that is on topic and related to your webinar or online presentation is that it becomes an easy, even seamless transition for people who enjoy your content in one specific area (such as a podcast or blog) to also sign up and attend a webinar.

The key is stay on task and on target, and using various types of content marketing (blogs, videos, podcasts, eBooks, etc.) to warm up and funnel your target audience over to a webinar registration page.

Paid ads can also work, but I’ve found that the quality of people who come in via your free content (i.e. they read your guest blog post, listened to your podcast, etc.) is far higher than those who come in “cold” after clicking on a random Facebook Ad.

That being said if you do not have a solid brand yet and/or you want to reach out to more prospects, paid ads are the way to go but again you need to be careful here. Make sure you use the correct medium to reach out to your ideal prospects.


In conclusion, remember the 3 P’s.


The key to creating, running and profiting with webinars is following the simple framework I’ve laid out in this post.

If you concentrate on the right presentation on the right platform for the right people, you’ll be able to create wildly successful, highly-effective webinars!


That’s it! If you follow these recommendations you will Create a Successful Webinar


Now if you feel overwhelmed and are not sure how to apply some of the things I mentioned here and you would like me to help you personally, simply contact me and we will discuss how we can make this happen.





Eric LeRiche

Internet Marketing Consultant



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