Social media titan Facebook has risen to the challenge posed by Google Plus, the search engine giant’s popular foray into social networking, with a host of new features unveiled this week. Here’s how the two services compare:



1. News feed — Facebook will try to figure out what you want to see, rather than the old, chronological feed, which is now in the ticker at the right.

2. “Read,” “Watched,” or “Listened” buttons — Tailored to new media features, Facebook thinks neutral buttons will get more use than “Like,” which implies an endorsement.

3. Spotify, Rhapsody integration — Listen to music streaming services without leaving Facebook, share songs with friends.

4. Hulu, Netflix (NFLX) integration — Watch video without leaving Facebook, share with friends.

5. Timeline — Revamped profile creates a graphical representation of your life as told by Facebook activity.

Google Plus

1. News feed — Google is keeping it simple and chronological so far.

2. “+1” button — Google’s equivalent of the “Like” button is simpler, but leaves less room for nuance.

3. Music — No equivalent

4. Video — No equivalent

5. Timeline — Google has a similar feature for Google News, but not for Google Plus.



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