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I came across a negative posting on a company from rip off Rip off report is a sounding board for customers to post negative complaints about business on the internet. An upset customer or a competitor may post a complaint slandering your business. It is very difficult to remove Rip Off Report from the search engines one its ranked on the first page. The growth of internet has created an easy avenue for people to post negative information about a person or business. They do this by posting their negative comments on the social media sites and/or company blogs. To combat this ever growing problem gave birth to reputation management services. These reputation management companies remove negative complaints posted on the search engines. Having negative information posted on the on internet about a business is very damaging to their reputation, image and good name. Your business reputation can be harmed in numerous ways:
By a government regulatory body or a journalist posting something negative about you or your business. This type of negative posting is generally done with no malice or intent to damage
By a wronged person, who has been caused personal damage by a company’s product or service. These people generally vent their anger and cause short term damage
By a vengeful person, whose sole mission is to ‘get at you’, by attacking your reputation, its the most harmful, because it’s fuelled by anger and jealousy
By competitors, this is a growing concern, they are posting negative comments about your business only so they appear better, this is very unethical in the business world.

Rip off report is one of the largest and most harmful companys posting complaints about businesses on the internet but there are others out there. How do you remove negative complaint reports from showing up on the search engines, you hire a good Reputation Management Company. A successful internet reputation management company will be able to remove negative reports by incorporating measures like:
Keeping a watch on what people are saying about your business online through the utilization of alerts from the search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc), keyword tracking using personalized RSS feeders, and searching websites related to your industry.
Determining what type of sites carry the negative information such as rip off report, complaintsboard, my3cents, scam, consumerwebwatch, pissedconsumer, etc, and exam how the negative publicity is affecting your businesss reputation, image and good name.
Remedial measures like blog, article and press release creation; forum participation; keyword optimization; videos; social network profiles; and PPC campaigns in a way that would promote a good image and restore your reputation & credibility.
The results of a good strategy would be that anyone wishing to know about you or your business would only see positive information in the search results related to your name or business. If you have the persistence and a good internet reputation management company working for you, you will be able to remove the negative information from showing up on the search engines.

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