When should you start running retargeting ads? 🤔

This is sort of a chicken or egg situation, but I will provide you with my advice in this email.

This is a nice way of putting it…

Cold ads is like a car 🚗

And retargeting ads are the fuel ⛽

You don’t get anywhere without the car. But you won’t get far without fuel either… 😕

You need them both. They go hand in hand.

Yet most people start with the cold ads.

And I do (and recommend) the exact opposite. 🤯

Generating sales from cold audiences is harder.

So it’s best if you start with the easy part, and then you build up on it.

Retargeting ads are by far the most profitable. They are your lowest hanging fruit to generate sales. 🍏

“But Eric… what if I don’t have anyone to retarget?”

Start with retargeting ads anyway. 🙂

You may be getting a few visits to your website from organic traffic, Facebook fans, Instagram followers, or email subscribers.

So just a few bucks on retargeting can bring in surprisingly good results 💰

And if you literally have zero people to retarget, that’s okay too.

Facebook won’t spend a single $ on your retargeting campaign (because there’s no one in your audience), but you’ll have the machine set up. ⚙️

Ready and in place for when you start running your cold ads campaign.

Which will automatically feed your retargeting ads, and increase your ROAS (Return on advertising spend).

Makes sense?

Retargeting first!

If you have questions about this reply to this email and let me know 😉

Have a great day ahead!

Talk soon,


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