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A Few Telling Statistics About Linkedin:
In short, LinkedIn is a gold mine for businesses that are B2B focussed





In a large group of B2B marketers surveyed, 59 were able to confidently say that LinkedIn was providing them with quality leads. This number would probably be even higher if it was not for the 33% who did not know where their leads came from.

1% is what the 3 million users who share content each week represent. This means that 3 million users receive 9 billion impressions each week! This is called a:

The use of LinkedIn has proven to be profitable for 90% of B2B marketing specialists who spend a portion of their advertising budget there. Again, this is du to the large number of users who use LinkeIn daily
80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn against 13% on Twitter and 7% on Facebook. This stat alone should be enough to convince you to start investing your time in LinkedIn. It’s 4 out of 5 leads from LinkedIn!
Lead Generation Service on LinkedIn
Phase one- Research and Optimization
In this step I will study and understand your market, your customers, your company and your market in general in order to build a customized personalized lead generation plan for your business that will include:
  • Analysis and clear definition of your target customer, its market and the optimization of your offer.
  • Reviewing and optimizing your LinkedIn profile to reach and engage your target market
  • Create a new profile image to improve the interest for your products/services while enhancing your authority in this market
Phase Two – Engagement
Step where we where we will develop a strategy to engage your target client softly to help you build your credibility and to let your ideal prospects get to know you.
  • Once everything is in place (1 month), 25-50 customized messages will be sent manually each day (5 days out of 7) to your target customers. The objective during the campaign of 4 months minimum is to generate between 200- 400 new connections of 1st degree, ultra-targeted, which can be reached directly for free and with a 90%+ open rate which actually blows email marketing out of the water!
  • A personalized thank you message will be sent to all those who have accepted your connection request. The messages will be sent manually when connecting prospects. Each message will be personalized with comments related to their personal profile and / or their location.
  • Delivery of an educational/informative campaign by LinkedIn messenger and/or email 2-3 times a month highlighting your call to action and this subtle and non-aggressive manner. The main objective is to continually reinforce your authority and therefore the feeling that the prospect knows you which will make your future communications much easier. Also one of the important objectives of this strategy will be to obtain an “opt-in” in order to be able to contact them outside of Linkedin.
Phase Three – Follow ups and Reports
Here sales and marketing meet: Create a personalized dashboard of prospects customized on the cloud that you can consult 24/7. It will include:
  • Lead acquisition rate so you can monitor your return on investment
  • We will teach you how to interact with your leads for maximum conversion
  • Implementation of a nurturing campaign to continuously generate new clients from this new hot network long after the campaign is over. This is NOT your typical lead generation campaign which stops the second you stop funding it. This actually builds you an asset that will pay off for years to come, if used appropriately.
Optional … but recommended for maximizing results
Depending on what you have in place to tap into ideal prospects, it is strongly recommended to build a funnel that will build trust. There are several options here but I recommend one or more of the following approaches: (all depends on your market.) I will help you to determine the best approach (s) for you.
  • A semi-automated educational webinar which will always be available but at fixed times or at any time in rebroadcast. It’s also possible to do some ” live ” webinars if you wish to do so…
  • One or more explainer/educational videos that will have a high perceived value.
  • The creation and the management of a group on Linkedin which you will be the leader to build your status as a leader in your field
Lead Generation Service on LinkedIn
Price on request that will vary according to your needs and what you want to accomplish. For example if you just want me to grow your network and you will take it from there or if you want me to handle it all the way to the monent they call you…
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