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Your host: Eric LeRiche

With more than 18 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry in sales and marketing, including internet marketing, I am very well equipped to help local entrepreneurs promote their products and services more efficiently online.

Nowadays, internet marketing is a must and if you don’t use it efficiently odds are you’re not only leaving money on the table but you are losing customers every day since they are looking for you online., In other words, if you’re not there they’ll find your competitors.

Let me help you identify the best approach you should follow based on YOUR NEEDS and YOUR BUDGET. My ultimate goal is to help you increase your profits so that you hire me to become your VP marketing to make even more

Come see me during one of my free weekly conferences on everything (but only what) you need to know about internet marketing

Here are the 4 topics I like to cover during these free sessions but depending on the time I have it is possible we might only follow one or two. I will announce the content before every meetings.

What your website needs otherwise you’re wasting your time and money

If you don’t have a website yet it’s even better as you’ll start with the perfect foundation

How to reach page #1 of Google?

Although nobody can guarantee you will reach Google’s first page if you follow my recommendations and a few tricks your odds will be a lot better than those who don’t. Hint: To be the best you only need to be better then the runner up…

How to use Social medias without wasting your time?

Pressure is high right now to use social medias and all we hear is that if you don’t use them you are going to be left behind. I’ll explain how to avoid this from happening without braking the bank and without having to spend hours on it as lot of people are doing right now, without any significant return on their (time) investment…

How to drive targeted traffic to your site and cash in?

I’m sure you realize that online, the traffic to your site is the lifeblood of your business but trying to get hordes of hungry buyers to your site is not an easy task. So here not only will I show you a great number of options to generate these coveted visitors, i will also explain how to choose which one to use!

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