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I admit, I’m an addict!

by WebSalesSpecialist
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1.5 years of Email Dopamine Addiction 8 Productivity Habits article by http://munchweb.com/addiction I have an addiction that cost at least 18 months of my life… This was not an addiction with drugs or alcohol, and in-comparison the ‘high’ was mundane, just avoiding life and responsibility. Months went by, lost to an addictive and bitter procrastination. Nobody was worried, on the surface I looked busy and hard working, yet around me life passed me by while I was infused in a dopamine haze. I’m a recovering addict to email, Skype, Facebook and so many little fun distractions online. My First Step to […]

What do you think which are the most indecent SEO techniques?

by WebSalesSpecialist
Dave asked: Hi. I get really annoyed when SEOs use black-hat tactics, though some say that defining black and white hat SEO is not so easy. So what are the 5 most indecent techniques that SEOs may use? David Jones Please follow and like us:0

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