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How to get found online in 2019

by WebSalesSpecialist
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In a time where people are becoming savvier, what may have worked 2 years ago, isn’t always effective today.   For example, in the “good old days” (about 18-24 months ago,) when it came to search, most people relied on Google.  If someone was searching for your product or service, they would go to Google, type in what they were looking for, and either find your product or service—or not.   But now, the market has shifted. Google isn’t the only thing people use anymore.   In fact, Stathunter just revealed that for the first time Google dropped below the […]

6 Steps to Creating a Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

by WebSalesSpecialist
Here I`ll discuss what a unique selling proposition (USP) is and why it’s so valuable. You`ll find a step-by-step process for creating a USP that will help you make the most of your marketing and business planning activities. What is a USP? A USP is one of the fundamental pieces of any solid marketing campaign. Simply stated, it’s a summary of what makes your business unique and valuable to your target market. It answers the question: How do your business services benefit your clients better than anyone else can? In my previous post, I suggested replacing your traditional business plan […]

What is the absolute best, SEO and web marketing software available?

by WebSalesSpecialist
Conner asked: I’ve looked at IBP and Web CEO and want something with more features. Thanks! Chris Johnson Please follow and like us:0

Welcome to my new blog and twitter account

Welcome to my new blog and Twitter account specifically designed to help online entrepreneurs. Look out for great question and answer sessions Looking forward to serving you Cheers Eric$ Please follow and like us:0

How do you get a solid lead for large websites and SEO?

by WebSalesSpecialist
nuMantis Inc asked: I am owner of a technology company, we are still really new and we are finding that our local area are uneducated in what SEO is or what the web can do for them, I am wondering if anyone knows of any places to get quality leads for this genre of service and if there are any “tricks” to gaining attention to the services we offer. We are looking for low cost/free ways to do this. Michael Smith Please follow and like us:0

What is the SEO opinion of interstitial ads?

by WebSalesSpecialist
Matty B asked: Does anyone have any facts or guidance on the SEO impact of using interstitial ads? They appear on a number of “big budget” sites like top-tier newspapers, magazines and video sites yet my guess is that Google and others would take a less favorable view of small sites using these ads. They are quite admittedly annoying, but can be profitable and beneficial in some situations. Does anyone have any first-hand experience working with these ads and the results (good, bad or non-existent) from the various search engines? Mike Smith Please follow and like us:0

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