In a time where people are becoming savvier, what may have worked 2 years ago, isn’t always effective today.   For example, in the “good old days” (about 18-24 months ago,) when it came to search, most people relied on Google.  If someone was searching for your product or service, they would go to Google, type in what they were looking for, and either find your product or service—or not.   rubik cubeBut now, the market has shifted. Google isn’t the only thing people use anymore.   In fact, Stathunter just revealed that for the first time Google dropped below the 75 percent mark for search marketshare. And now that Yahoo is the default search engine for Firefox, they are gaining even more marketshare, growing three times in the past three months. So while Google is still King, Bing and Yahoo now make up just over 26 percent of the search market.   This does not even factor in things such as social media marketing which has become a hot trend to add to the mix, especially Facebook marketing.   So the truth of the matter is that the search marketing environment has evolved and converged. The relationship between marketers and consumers has become more complex.   I will say that one place Google still reigns supreme is when it comes to emergencies and impulse buys. For instance, when your kitchen sink is backed up and you need to find a plumber, Google is people’s #1 go-to source.   Google paid search can also increase impulse buys. For instance, including reminders of specific holidays such as Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day or showcasing deals relating to your consumers’ search results can trigger fast purchases.   However, in the current market, most businesses can’t rely on emergencies and impulse buying purchases alone.   So if your business typically experiences a longer buying cycle or your customers typically do more research, then to get the sale, you need more than just Google search. You need additional communication touch points across multiple channels that can be seen on multiple devices.   In fact, according to Google’s ZMOT, “the average consumer engages with 18.2 pieces of online content before making a final purchasing decision.” And Marin Software predicts that 50% of Google searches will be done on mobile devices by December of this year.   I’m witnessing this happen with my clients too. For example, one of my clients used to kill it with PPC on Google only.  When his results started to decline using methods that had always pulled well, we began testing some new marketing for him.  

Your New Winning Strategy

What I found was that using a combination of strategies that included PPC, remarketing, display ads, Facebook ads, Youtbe ads and Bing ads did the trick. We also made sure that his ads could be viewed on mobile devices, desktop computers, and tablets. This new combination out pulled his former model.   For your business, it might be that you need PPC, remarketing, direct mail, Youtube and Facebook.  I can’t say for sure within the space of this article as it depends on your target market, the length of a typical sales cycle, and a number of other factors. But what I can say for sure is that the market has changed and it requires a more sophisticated marketing strategy if you want to cut through the noise and get the best return.  

Three Key Takeaways You Can Use In Your Business Right Now:

  1. It is no longer enough to rely on a single channel for all your marketing. You must diversify and combine multiple marketing channels if you want to stay on top.
  2. Examining your target audience, their behavior patterns and preferred marketing channels, will help determine which marketing channels you should test first.
  3. Your ads and content must be mobile, tablet, AND desktop friendly as consumers are doing research and making buying decisions across multiple devices.
Standing still and continuing to market in the same way you have been is dangerous. Keep up with what is working and what isn’t. Test new strategies. And keep your marketing a moving target so you’ll never be left behind.   If your marketing isn’t pulling what it used to or if you want to avoid a decline, contact me for a free consultation. I can help you determine what is working for your particular product or service and target market and help you decide what to test first.   Here’s to your online success!   Yours Truly,   Eric
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Google will take algorithmic action on more doorway pages in the near future. The new algorithm adjustment will impact these pages trying to increase their search footprint.

google-colors-jail-penalty-ss-1920 Google announced they are releasing a new “ranking adjustment” to their doorway page classifier to better handle doorway pages in the search results. In short, Google does not want to rank doorway pages in their search results. The purpose behind many of these doorway pages is to maximize their search footprint by creating pages both externally on the web or internally on their existing web site, with the goal of ranking multiple pages in the search results, all leading to the same destination. Google’s Brian White said:
Over time, we’ve seen sites try to maximize their “search footprint” without adding clear, unique value. These doorway campaigns manifest themselves as pages on a site, as a number of domains, or a combination thereof. To improve the quality of search results for our users, we’ll soon launch a ranking adjustment to better address these types of pages. Sites with large and well-established doorway campaigns might see a broad impact from this change.
Google will be launching over this new ranking adjustment shortly and those who have created doorway pages may see them really soon. How do you know if your web pages are classified as a “doorway page?” Google said asked yourself these questions:
  • Is the purpose to optimize for search engines and funnel visitors into the actual usable or relevant portion of your site, or are they an integral part of your site’s user experience?
  • Are the pages intended to rank on generic terms yet the content presented on the page is very specific?
  • Do the pages duplicate useful aggregations of items (locations, products, etc.) that already exist on the site for the purpose of capturing more search traffic?
  • Are these pages made solely for drawing affiliate traffic and sending users along without creating unique value in content or functionality?
  • Do these pages exist as an “island?” Are they difficult or impossible to navigate to from other parts of your site? Are links to such pages from other pages within the site or network of sites created just for search engines?
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Google Releases 52 Search Quality Changes for April

Written by  on May 10, 2012
April was a busy month for the minions over at Google. With Panda updates, the introduction of a Penguin, and a parked domain classifier error (I guess even Google makes mistakes), one would think the search engine would take a small break. But, alas, Google is still changing, tweaking, and plotting, and in an effort to continue its support of transparency it released 52 more changes and updates. We don’t know exactly when Google implemented these changes, though, or if they coincided with Panda or Penguin.Does anyone else get sick of talking in zoo animal code? Here are the changes we feel are important for our readers: If you want the unabridged version, click here.

Freshness Updates

Every month, Google makes changes to its Freshness update. I can’t say I am sad about it. I am not a fan of the first page of search results spitting out five-year-old articles about how reciprocal linking is a great linking strategy. Google introduced three freshness updates involving search results and ranking signals. Breaking news topics along with other new content may see a boost as well as “fresh documents.” We aren’t entirely sure what this means, but Google did mention it excluded websites identified as “low quality” content from the classifier it uses to promote fresh content. No freshness boost for low-quality content. [launch codename “NoRot”, project codename “Freshness”] We have modified a classifier we use to promote fresh content to exclude fresh content identified as particularly low-quality.


The first update discusses authoritative content: More authoritative results. We’ve tweaked a signal we use to surface more authoritative content. Can anyone say “ambiguous?” Every webmaster thinks their content is authoritative, so what does this really mean? The web geeks over at SearchEngineWatch seem to think Google will improve the ranking of older domains that have strong link profiles and those that have refrained from questionable (spammy) techniques. The next update may coincide with the Penguin update: Keyword stuffing classifier improvement. [project codename “Spam”] We have classifiers designed to detect when a website is keyword stuffing. This change made the keyword stuffing classifier better. Penguin centered on keyword stuffing so we may have already seen the results of this one. How many keywords are considered stuffing? We will never know. As a rule of thumb, write your content with no thought about keywords. After it is complete, go back and take a count. If the content is focused on the keyword topic, most likely you will have used your keywords appropriately. Tip: This is completely unscientific, so take it for what it is worth. When my mind starts to wonder if there are too many keywords, I know I have added too many. The next update: Improvements to how search terms are scored in ranking. [launch codename “Bi02sw41”] One of the most fundamental signals used in search is whether and how your search terms appear on the pages you’re searching. This change improves the way those terms are scored. Matt McGee over at SearchEngineLand guesses that this along with the keyword stuffing update is related to “spun” content, although it could refer to a number of things. It definitely alludes to the misuse of keywords. Spinning content and adding keyword-specific links that have nothing to do with the content would most likely fall under that blanket. Any thoughts? If you know what “spinning” content is, I would re-consider your linking strategies if you are doing it. If you don’t know what it is, don’t worry about it. It’s not worth the risk. More updates include changes to how Google categorizes paginated documents so they don’t take over the pages of search results. The search engine also announced it would focus on publishing more diverse results by removing excess results from the same domain.

Local Search

Local search may get a boost even for websites that are not as optimized. Here is Google’s first update: Improvements to local navigational searches. [launch codename “onebar-l”] For searches that include location terms, e.g. [dunston mint seattle] or [Vaso Azzurro Restaurant 94043], we are more likely to rank the local navigational homepages in the top position, even in cases where the navigational page does not mention the location. Google is trying to improve its spider to detect a local business’ location even if the home page does not mention a specific locale. The next update followed in the same vein though it involves countries: Country identification for webpages. [launch codename “sudoku”] Location is an important signal we use to surface content more relevant to a particular country. For a while we’ve had systems designed to detect when a website, subdomain, or directory is relevant to a set of countries. This change extends the granularity of those systems to the page level for sites that host user generated content, meaning that some pages on a particular site can be considered relevant to France, while others might be considered relevant to Spain. Google is digging down deeper into a site to detect additional locations from user generated content since certain pages may be relevant to users in one country while other pages may focus on a different country.

Page Titles

Last year, the SEO industry was “up in arms” over Google’s announcement to change title tags in the search results as it sees fit: The newest April update improved Google’s ability to change page titles. According to the search giant, “you’ll find more informative titles and/or more concise titles with the same information.” Many SEOs are irate over this. What do you think?


Google announced four changes to sitelinks and “megasitelinks,” the links that display below a website’s listing that link to deeper parts of the website. Sub-sitelinks will now replace text snippets and Google improved the ranking of megasitelinks by “providing a minimum score for the sitelink based on a score for the same URL used in general ranking.” Additional changes:
  • Indexing – Google increased the number of documents served by its main index by 15%. It also launched a new index “tier.”
  • Instant preview changes
  • Changes to how Google interprets the intention behind search queries by using users’ “last few searches.”
  • Improved user interface for searches related to breaking news topics.
  • Anchors bug fix
So, we’ve had a lot of fun trying to decipher Google’s code and as always I love to hear your opinions. Do you have any other suggestions about the updates? Has your website been affected? Let us know in the comments.
  Here’s an article about it:  

Google Places is Out, Replaced By Google Plus Local

PR Web Perth, Western Australia (PRWEB) May 31, 2012 Oracle Digital, one of the top SEO companies in the country, has announced that it has added new modifications to its inventory of products and services, in order to adjust to the recent changes done by giant internet company – Google. In its latest move, Google has updated its numerous Google+ features and has replaced Google Places in the process. And according to numerous industry experts, this change, alongside Google’s Penguin algorithm and Knowledge Graph – will bring in some big changes that online businesses and internet marketers will have to take heed of. Studies of the new Google+ modification has shown that Google+ Local pages will now appear in the area where Google Places used to appear when search results were shown. And according to Google’s Marissa Mayer – the company has already replaced 80 million Google Places pages with Google+ Local pages, and many more replacements are expected within the next few days. In addition, the giant internet company has also tweaked its review system, with the replacement of its traditional 5-star rating system with Zagat 30-point rating scale. Google has also made the Zagat reviews more in depth by adding subsections on the review process, such as service, atmosphere and the like. Industry experts and analysts likewise report that there are other advantages to the new Google+ Local pages, such as its integration with other Google features – like Google Properties, Maps, Mobile, Search and other features. Additionally, its integration with Google+ “Circles” is also expected to make user find recommendations done by family, friends, colleagues and other connections, making reviews more honest and accurate – and minimising the existence of false reviews. Regarding search engine optimisation, SEO experts are saying that because Google+ Local pages (unlike Google Places) is actually indexed by Google – this makes optimisation easier for those who are looking for more traffic, better search engine rankings and more customers in the long run. Concurrently, since a user’s Google Places page is converted into a Google+ Page automatically – it can likewise be considered as an excellent tool to enter into internet marketing and social media marketing campaigns as well. And according to experts, this opportunity must be maximised accordingly if one wants to earn even more in the end. This opinion of experts is similarly viewed by Oracle Digital’s Director of Operations, Clint Maher. He says, “This move to replace Google Places with Google+ Local is an excellent opportunity for business owners who are looking to make more out of their online campaigns. After all, not only does it bring more accurate ratings for businesses, but it will also make your social media marketing campaigns a lot more effective as well. You just need to follow the proper procedures – and everything will follow”. “Although this new interface may seem to be a bit daunting to some, this is not really the case. You just need to make relevant and valuable content – then share it by utilising the right procedures in order to widen your market.    
Starting with papers, present world is now based on digital applications. Organizations and customers, both are now equipped with computers and PDAs powered by high speed internet service. This technology change had created new gateways of one-to-one relations and mass population reach. This mutual benefit boomed internet marketing in 21st century. Internet marketing covers all terms used for marketing a product or service on Internet. This can be done through traditional banner, video or textual ads or by strategic moves like SEO, SMM, SEM or Emailing. The aim behind it may be to generate revenue or maintain customer`s relation or loyalty. Every competitor chooses same ways. So to be on top, organizations have to employ strategies and keep themselves ready adopt new options of marketing over internet. Importance of Internet Marketing is now expanding, since the aim of every business starts and ends with these three purpose of generating revenue, maintaining customer relation and increasing customer`s loyalty. Some basic importances are sorted down below in brief:
  1. The most valuable importance of internet marketing is its reach ability of internet around the globe and its mass appeal. No other traditional media such as print and broadcasting can reach that number of population and if does that, it can`t attain that pace of reach.
  2. Internet marketing`s importance include flexibility, measurability and affordability.
– Flexibility is in terms of available long range of options such as various websites, emails, forums, blogs and articles for marketing a product or service. It also facilitates to choose a media type within video, audio, textual or image. – Measurability is in terms of at hand accurate data such as number of viewers or visitors. Being worldwide and automated, it can provide data such as number of viewers within a certain demographic area or of certain age or interest group. – And internet marketing facility doesn`t cost as much as other marketing options; thus affordable. Paying for a marketing tool of any type may be of Pay-per-click where payment would depend upon clicks that were impressed on certain web. Thus one has to pay a calculated and accurate amount.
  1. Importance of Internet marketing also lies in its interactive nature. Now organizations can easily track their customers and reach them, whereas customers can now evaluate and compare their product and services more efficiently.
  2. Internet marketing has enabled organizations to easily imprint their marketing options and quickly change their tactics and cost allocations towards a valuable marketing strategy.
  3. Through Internet marketing, targeting is possible with accuracy and efficiency. It gives you options to target customers with various available choices mainly depending upon their demographic, age, interests, needs, etc.
Today, organizations are aware of internet marketing importance and are regularly competing. To overcome this competition, professionals are regularly researching and innovating new tools and tricks to enhance the power of Internet marketing. Importance of anything cannot be ignored and an organization knows that well. Internet marketing is regularly becoming vast and efficient with the involvement of low cost and high reach. These all attract businesses to promote their product and services over this World Wide Web where customers are always online. Now they just have to deliver their message to them.

Search Engine Optimization For Images Is Now Vital

Image SEO (search engine optimization), or ISO (image search optimization),  is the process of organizing the images on a website 
to reflect the specific keywords which the content of the site is targeting. Considered a subset of SEO, the goal is higher organic 
search engine rank positions (SERPs) for your website's listing, which increases traffic.
“If I knew then what I know now…” We have all heard this phrase before. Why? Because “Hindsight is 20/20…” What if the year was 1995 again, except this time you already knew everything you have learned since then, about Internet Marketing, SEO and SEM? You would be poised to make billions, right? Well, unless you have a time machine then you are stuck in 2011 with the rest of us. However, there is a unique opportunity right now in SEO that has effectively leveled the playing field. It isn’t going to be 1995 again, but those who act fast may be able to seize the day –  and a big boost in their SERPs as well! Until now, the general consensus on Image Search Engine Optimization has been that there isn’t a lot that can be done. This excerpt from Wikipedia pretty much sums it up:
Unlike normal SEO process, there isn't much to do for ISO. Making high quality images accessible to search engines and providing some description about images is almost all that can be done for ISO.
Well, that may have been true up until now, but new technology has emerged that is rapidly making this point of view obsolete.  

Why Your Image SEO Strategy Is Obsolete:

  Recent advancements in image reading technology have finally brought images into the same category as content with respect to SEO. For instance,  Google’s new additions to its Image search reveal more about what the Googlebot sees in images. Not convinced? Just drag any image and drop it into the google image search bar and you will quickly be presented with some very interesting results. First, you will get a list of every other occurrence of the image appearing on other webpages that are contained in the google index. Second, and most importantly, you will find that the subject matter of the image has been identified (correctly or not) according to what Google has determined the image to be all about. If Google is not exactly sure about the subject of the image, it will provide its “best guess” for the image subject, presumably taking into account the context in which the image appears, the ‘alt’ tag, if available, and the context of the surrounding content on the page(s) where the image is found. If you think that text appearing in the image is out of the Googlebot’s reach, think again! As OCR technology has advanced, it is a fact that most text appearing in images can be accurately deciphered. This is precisely how Captcha defeating services have recently been able to flourish among automated script and bot developers. Of course, you are probably already aware that facial recognition is widely used these days, and just as a video camera can scan and detect facial features with a high degree of accuracy, faces appearing in images can also be identified with a small margin of error. And Google isn’t alone in this endeavor. Facebook Images have already started taking over the internet in terms of SEO importance, with the ability to tag people and things appearing in images. Further proof of concept can be gleaned from the fact that Facebook recently tried to acquire Instagram and also plans to add many similar type photo filters to its list of features soon. You can read the full write-up about it in the New York Times, August 24th, 2011 Article on the subject. So if you still aren’t convinced that your image SEO strategy is on the way out, fast, then I can’t help you! But if you are ready to take advantage of this huge new opportunity to boost your SERPs, then be sure to read my upcoming post on exactly what to do to make sure you get the full benefits when the new Image SEO goes mainstream!

Facebook vs Google Plus

23 September 2011
  Social media titan Facebook has risen to the challenge posed by Google Plus, the search engine giant’s popular foray into social networking, with a host of new features unveiled this week. Here’s how the two services compare:   Facebook 1. News feed — Facebook will try to figure out what you want to see, rather than the old, chronological feed, which is now in the ticker at the right. 2. “Read,” “Watched,” or “Listened” buttons — Tailored to new media features, Facebook thinks neutral buttons will get more use than “Like,” which implies an endorsement. 3. Spotify, Rhapsody integration — Listen to music streaming services without leaving Facebook, share songs with friends. 4. Hulu, Netflix (NFLX) integration — Watch video without leaving Facebook, share with friends. 5. Timeline — Revamped profile creates a graphical representation of your life as told by Facebook activity. Google Plus 1. News feed — Google is keeping it simple and chronological so far. 2. “+1” button — Google’s equivalent of the “Like” button is simpler, but leaves less room for nuance. 3. Music — No equivalent 4. Video — No equivalent 5. Timeline — Google has a similar feature for Google News, but not for Google Plus.  

Caroline asks…

what is the most effective autoresponder out there!!???

Im looking around and I see both autoresponder software and websites online that offer the service. What works for you!!!??

Eric answers:

I like aweber. It is easy to use and a reliable service. I not only collect leads with my autoresponder, but I publish free reports in autoresponder format..

Davina asks…

I use an autoresponder, but a days ago doesn´t work. An advise appear: “Your SMTP setting seem to be incorrect

I made maintenance to my computer.I changed place all importants fills, clean all spyware and adware and installed windows again. This could to cause problems the autoresponder software?

Eric answers:

Installing new Windows will (in most cases) require you to install all other software again. So, you need to install this software again over the old version. XLMan

John asks…

I want a SMS autoresponder?

Can anyone give me the address of a good website or software that give free SMS autoresponder service that works worldwide.

Eric answers:

Oh yes , do not you also want millions of phone numbers as an added gift so that you can send millions of spam SMS every day that too free of cost

Jane asks…

Need a free, simple, autoresponder that will work with forms?

Here’s what I am looking to do: I want to collect names and e-mail addresses on my web site so people can sign up for me e-newsletter. I just want people to fill in a name field, an e-mail field, and click submit. Then, I want the emails sent to me and the user gets forwarded to the next page of the site. I’m looking for software that’s free, easy to use (for someone like me with very basic, static html knowledge), and does not have advertising on it. THANK YOU for any help.

Eric answers:

Http:// just one of many. Read the instructions.

Kylee asks…

I installed Autoresponder Unlimited. Why can’t I get the 2nd and 3rd emails to go out?

Someone please help me. I cannot get “Autoresponder Unlimited to work properly. It was given to me and I cannot get tech support for it. Can someone please help me with the installation. I dont have money but I really need help or please tell me the script is worthless. I am so frustrated. Thanks for any help. or comments. on this software.

Eric answers:

Unfortunately, you got what you paid for. The script must be defective. Sorry….

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Charlie asks…

What is the best search engine optimization company?

What’s the best search engine optimization company? And what exactly do they offer? It seems there’s huge amount seo companies but not a lot that makes them different.

Eric answers:

I think the real question is “Who is the best at spotting the best seo company?”

You definaltely want to stay clear of seo firms that don’t shows signs of evolving, algos never sleep. The days of keyword stuffing and automatic search engine submissions are long gone. SEO has transformed into marketing, conversion, usability, local search, people pleasing, analysis and testing.

Richard asks…

How to deal profitability with search engine optimization prices?

Hello, I just start my website for my online business, I try to get traffic from PPC and SEO but the search engine optimization prices are too expensive for me. How to deal profitability with search engine optimization prices?

Eric answers:

SEO prices can be costly, especially for small-medium sized businesses, simply due to the fact that it requires a lot of time and skill to effectively perform. If you are looking for a low-cost alternative, and wouldn’t mind putting in some time yourself to do the SEO, I would recommend you stick to google webmaster tools. Good luck to you!

Kirstie asks…

What are the best social bookmarking sites for search engine optimization?

I’m trying to promote my website by social bookmarking the content on my site? Which social bookmarking site should I spend my time on? And does anyone have any tips on the best practices or strategies for this type of search engine optimization?

Eric answers:

List of best book marking sites is here >

This list is enough to drive sufficient traffic . Tips to improve traffic 1) remember content is king 2) Stick to quality guidelines from search engines ,refere googles webmaster guideline 3) Make unique page content,title,description etc ,don’t use same title or description for pages & try to compare top ranking websites

Bob asks…

How can a person become a Search Engine Optimization/ Marketing consultant? What course or books are required?

I’d like to know what sort of training and materials are required to become a search Engine Optimization/ Marketing consultant.

Eric answers:

SEO Books will be outdated very quickly. Your best source is to first have an excellent understanding of web development, html, asp, design concepts and design standards.

You need to take online courses. These can be expensive from the top online schools but worth it in the end. You need to sign up fro the best feeds, ezines, forums that are online. You need to be familiar with Google webmaster guidelines, ppc, link building, sem and social networking. You have to know how to market yourself as a professional. You best bet is after training find a mentor who can guide you and teach you the ropes. Learn how to search for what you are looking for as well. If you want to do SEO and SEM, then know how to find best information online. There are many and what I feel is best you may not based on your time, budgets and so on. So do some heavy research and reading as that will help you grow as well.
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Kylee asks…

Looking to buy Small Dog in Houston Texas?

Does anyone know some good pet stores or places to go in order to buy toy sized dogs at good prices? What about flea markets? Please give a list of places or ways to contact someone who sells them. I have been searching the internet and looking in news papers but have had no luck. I can’t find one pet store in Houston, Texas that sell dogs. Houston only. Thank You

Eric answers:

You will not get any good dogs from a pet store in Houston or anywhere else. Pet stores get their puppies from puppy mills and irresponsible and ignorant back yard greeders – no responsible, knowledgeable breeder would allow their dog/puppy to be placed via a pet store. Either find a good, responsible breeder of the breed you have researched and studied or go to the area shelters as they are FILLED with dogs needing a loving home. There are also tons of small breed rescues in the Houston area. Be a responsible puppy/dog obtainer instead of supporting the problem. Btw, no responsible breeder will be selling their puppies in the newspaper or internet either. There are many Houston area breed clubs that can help you find what you need.

Elizabeth asks…

Why are the feds posting and moderating message boards while deleting this story?

Scam artists cornered the market on affiliate marketing education. Their sites use aliases, bogus whois info, and registrations in different states and countries. What are they hiding? After many years researching, a link appeared on Armand Morin’s blog to Al-Qaeda. A number of people match up with the FBI’s MOST WANTED TERRORISTS. Here are wanted terrorists, some for U.S. embassy bombings in Kenya & Indonesia. Do these two places ring any bells? Search Google Images for; Mark Joyner Simpleology-Seif Al Adel (Sarah Palin’s book Palinology) John Ferrero-Ramadan Shallah Yaro Starak-Umar Patek Armand Morin-Noordin M Top (said to have been killed in Indonesia and now removed from the FBI’s most wanted list) Michael Filsaime-Ali Sayyid Muhamed Mustafa al-Bakri (Die Hard 4 “Fire Sale” The cyber attack on our infrastructure) Dr. Mani Sivasubramanian-Ammar Mansour Bouslim Ted Ciuba-Abdul Rahman Yasin Many get rich quick scams serve as product placement for new cutting edge internet technologies, and logos, some sold through Clickbank. The people appearing in testimonials are part of the expansion of this organization and are often pitching other high priced products and services. They all link to one another through their marketing strategies and ability to OPTIMIZE in search rankings. Between the aliases the use, and the way in which they speak about things, everything they do has double meaning. Here is a code of look a likes pitching all sorts of stuff who are interconnected. Selling a program on making millions online is Professor James Bradley who looks like the Pentagon bomber Bill Ayers. Jay Conrad Levinson is behind a number of “guerilla” marketing and advertising books. He looks like George Soros, who’s last name is a (palin)drome. “New World Order” Soros has been credited for collapsing a number of nation’s currencies. The Super Affiliate Handbook is sold by someone who looks like Jill Biden, her name is Rosalind Gardner. Some appear to represent people, more in how they pose, rather then a direct look a like. Stephen Pierce appears to represent radical Van Jones, Brett McFall-Austan Goolsbee, John Childers-Andy Stern, and Jay Abraham as Ayman al-Zawahri. Problem with your Google Adwords PPC ads and can’t get a straight answer? You could try Yanik Silver who looks a lot like Sergei Brin, but he probably won’t know. He sells 33 Days to Online Profits (prophets.) Why not try Perry Marshall, who looks like Obama’s priest Reverend Pfleger? He sells The Definitive Guide To Google Adwords, infringing upon Google’s trademark. Many more can be seen at Lorrie Morgan Ferrero’s Red-Hot-Copy blog such as; 72 Virgin Records Richard Branson, & White House Party Crashers the Salahi’s with Valerie Jarrett’s daughter. The Rich Jerk sent out emails promoting Stompernet in Atlanta Georgia. The staff included Brad Fallon, an airline pilot, and Eben Pagan selling a seminar “Get Altitude”. 3 days after reporting this code to the FBI, Delta in Atlanta canceled a large number of flights due to safety reasons. In the Youtube videos related to the Rich Jerk, it appears that Mark Cuban is the Rich Jerk. He’s the billionaire who owns the Dallas Maverick’s basketball team. Think O’bomber or Barrac-uda Palin would play for him? Another guy claiming to be Robert Johnson Rich Jerk is Tony Rezko. Obama announced his run for office on Oprah Winfrey’s show. Ever notice that Oprah’s shopping friend Gayle King looks a lot like Whitney Houston? Think her name could be a code, Whit_ney White-Hous_ton House? It appears these internet marketing experts controlled the comments, the headlines, and the finance of the last election online with the highest ranking site in Google search, Youtube. In my strongest opinion this is the last piece of the puzzle, Osama Bin Laden is also a spokesperson, and a look-a-like. Osama represents Obama/Biden (Bi)n La(den.) This story appears to get deleted from all US news sites. Is the death of Osama Bin Laden a cover up to prevent this story from gaining traction?

Eric answers:

WOW, you really have a lot of time on your hands !

Kirstie asks…

Are you sensitive to homeless people? Or do you just pass them by?

HOUSTON: Until a few weeks ago, Tim Edwards was just another one of the men begging for change at a Houston underpass, ignored by most drivers who sped on past without a glance. Now, thanks to an internet marketing campaign and unlikely allies, Edwards has become the human face of homelessness to thousands of online viewers drawn to his website by its deliberately controversial name – Pimp This Bum. During regular webcasts, visitors to ask questions about Edwards’ life and his slow fall from office manager with a home, a car, and a future to an outcast short of hope. The website also is a venue where visitors can donate money, services and goods to help Edwards yank himself out of homelessness. “We wanted to insult people’s sensitivities so that they would go to the site and see Tim, and people seem to have fallen in love with him,” said Kevin Dolan, 55, a marketing specialist who started the website with his 24-year-old son, Sean. Visitors to the website are getting to know Edwards beyond the stereotype of an anonymous group labeled “The Homeless.” “I’m the world’s first online bum,” jokes Edwards, a lanky, bearded 37-year-old. This coming week, Edwards will enter an alcohol detox program at Sunray Treatment and Recovery, providing the program free of charge. There are plans to air webcasts as Edwards goes through the program.

Eric answers:

I will admit to not doing enough for homeless people. But if one asks me for change and I have none, I at least have the respect to look them in the eye and say “Sorry, I am afraid I have none.” They are human beings and appreciate such acknowledgement at the very least.

Bob asks…

Are there jobs in Houston, TX?

I’m serious about this. I live in northern indiana and the rv inustry is pretty much on its last leg. People are losing their jobs left and right here. I was looking on the internet for the best cities in the U.S. to live and Houston was in the top 10. I would seriously think about relocating if I felt confident there are jobs down there. Right now I work in a cabinet shop and since the housing market is way down, so are our orders. I understand it’s this way in all the states or atleast most of them. Is there anyone who could give me a good difinitive link for Houston for jobs? Or some kind of information to help me in my search? Thanks!!

Eric answers:

There are plenty of jobs in Houston for skilled labor. The first guy sounds like a recruiter. Houston hasn’t been hit too hard by the recession. Its appears you need blue collar work like I do. If you are union, you may be let down, as unions in Texas have low membership. If your non-union, you will surely find work. Cabinet makers wages are anywhere from $16 to $25 an hour. Most construction workers work often overtime. I was working at least 50 hours a week in Houston. Texas doesn’t have a state income tax. In Houston you can find 24 hour banks like Woodforest, they post your checks right away. Many industries work around the clock, and if you can get into chemical plants/refineries you can make some real money. Its hard to get hired by the actual plant, but contractors always need manpower. The reality is its doesn’t hurt to learn some Spanish. You will be in Texas, not the midwest. I would recommend looking for plant work, or skilled construction. Most skilled workers are foreman, and most foreman drive company trucks, gas card, and Nextel. Living in the loop, inside the 610 loop which is inner Houston, can be expensive. Good areas of Houston are Cypress, west Houston, Clear Lake, or Spring. You can’t afford Sugarland, rich yuppies. Hope the AC in your truck works, you will need it, gas is not too expensive like other states. Electricity is high in the summer, and low in winter. The opposite of your cold winters. Winter can get cold even though there isn’t snow, so bring your Carhartts. There is plenty of overtime in most trades, so even if you take a pay cut, it should balance out. Many companies have overtime, plus the lower cost of living, balances it out. I relocated temporarily to Colorado. The huge pay raise I got was counter balanced by how expensive everything is, and the lack of overtime. Good luck here are some websites. Houston Chronicle jobs the Greensheet, a free weekly in Houston. Http:// Houston craigslist, where you can search for a job, housing, and other stuff.

Ken asks…

Houston, TX or Fort Worth?

My fiance and I are planning to move out of New York State once we get married. We are planning to relocate to Texas. We are considering Houston, TX or Fort Worth, TX. I know the cost of living is much cheaper in Texas than in New York and it is one of the reasons why we want to move there. We are looking for a city with a good school district because we want to have children one day, great housing market, low crime, but a little bit of city life as well. We are from NYC so we can’t totally be stuck in the country but we would live to live in a suburban area with a little night life activity not too far away. What is your suggestions for a young married couple in their mid to late 20s? Select a category using our category browser below or view Suggested Categories. Arts & Humanities >Beauty & Style >Business & Finance >Cars & Transportation >Computers & Internet >Consumer Electronics >Dining Out >Education & Reference >Entertainment & Music >Environment >Family & Relationships >Food & Drink >Games & Recreation >Health >Home & Garden >Local Businesses >News & Events >Pets >Politics & Government >Pregnancy & Parenting >Science & Mathematics >Social Science >Society & Culture >Sports >Travel >Yahoo! Products > Select a category

Eric answers:

The Woodlands was recommended to you, and I do think The Woodlands is a very nice community, but it’s 32 miles from Houston so that may be a bit far away from city life. Houston would not be a place I’d care to live. The average year round humidity is 85-90% in the mornings and 65-70% in the afternoons, and although Houston is far enough away from the Gulf that it doesn’t get a direct hit by hurricanes, the aftermath does a lot of damage when there is one. When Hurricane Dolly hit in 2008 our friends who live 40 miles north of Houston had their home flood, their roof damaged and were without power for 3 weeks. My opinion is that Ft Worth would be a better choice. A nice, family oriented suburb with great schools and a crime rate that’s 1/4 the national average is the suburb of Keller, which is 17 miles from Ft Worth. Dallas is only 30 miles from Ft Worth so you’d have the benefit of being near 2 cities.

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