Ranga asked:

I am gonna develop a seo for my website..

David Lee
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Sumit asked:

From last 5 months i was working as php developer. I leaved that job because of some reasons. Now i have joined a new company which is an SEO company so what should i do? Should i do this SEO job or should i find job for php developer?? reply as soon as possible.

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ncaaking asked:

I have an existing website with a combination of html and php pages. I want to optimize some of these pages for search engines. Will the same techniques (keywords, descriptions, etc) that work on html pages work on php pages?

Gen Beaudoin
stirfryguy asked:

To advance in my career field, I want to learn a new trade. Would SEO or flash/actionscript be more viable?

John Williams
MannyV3 asked:

I am considering Drupal right now. Wondering if there is a better one. I also want a cms system that also integrates community type things easily like forums and blogs. I have main article pages that I want to be static though. Any suggestions?

Chris Smith
TransPersonal asked:

I want to do this to make my css look all jumbled up and thereby discourage anyone looking to steal it. So will this be bad for seo or do search engine robots not scan the external css file at all?

Dan letourneau
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Sophie asked:

I have had many people working on the SEO (search engine optimization) of my site and have not been happy with what they have done. How can I do it myself?

James Smith
Trent G asked:

I need websites and tips about how to really master seo.

Ali Veli
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O asked:

Im looking for an SEO ready template to create a very simple web site, do they even exist?

Jim Smith
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chevy c asked:

I got the html figured out,i need to learn ftp,tricks to seo,mysql etc… Im willing to pay for it,but i want to make sure i get the right software the first time

Steve Jones